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www.laidoff.com – New biz idea

With the recession already here and lay offs starting in earnest, how about a website which offers resources, information  and services to managers who are impacted. Basically a 1 stop (and first stop) shop for managers who lose their jobs. Range of services can cover – legal, tax planning, counselling, resume writing, small business start-up advise, re-skilling/ education assistance.

Services can vary depending on the level. For example, for  heavy hitters/ senior managers  who get laid off with million dollar packages one can design networking holidays  which help them take a break, chill and meet start ups/new ventures looking for angel investors/ mentors.

While both laidoff.com and laidoff.net domains are taken, there is not much on either of the sites. They are just parking there till someone buys these domains. Can potentially be a good extension for a brand like “www.monster.com”.


The 2 sides of the “R” word: Recession

Different companies react differently to a recession. There is no silver bullet strategy. The right approach is informed by a robust reading of the external dynamics (Industry, economic environment) and the internal state of affairs (financial, market position, organization capability, and culture). Within the fast moving consumer goods Industry- less cyclical and a classic defensive play during a recession- we would perhaps see one of the following two responses.

Which one looks familiar to your Organization? Here are the 2 CEO memos,

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