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Hotel search made simple

I wonder how much time people in the hotel industry spend on designing the physical properties.

Little bit of time on the front of the virtual property might not be missed.

Why don’t  we have a homepage like this yet from any of the major Hotel brands?

Infact the aggregator sites ( Hotels.com, Hotzebra etc)  do much better and Holiday Inn is not bad either.


Marriott : from bad to worse

Spotted the new Marriott campaign yesterday at Hong Kong airport. I have pilloried Marriott twice before in this blog. This time it is so bad, there is no need to waste any space analyzing it.

Enjoy the brilliance of gems like :  “Habitat of the Wildly successful”,  ” Where the Driven go”,  ” Highly functional and dynamic like you”…..and the website mentioned at the bottom has no link to the campaign !!

Bad strategy, Bad execution, Bad Integration

Marriott misses the mark, again.

Marriott International’s new  brand campaign running for over a year now succeeds in at least one thing. It answers the famous question : “Which half of advertising is wasted?”. In this case it is both the halves. Continue reading

The Good and the not so good-Part 1

I wanted to do this post in December but couldn’t. Another new year ( this time Chinese) and thus another year-end. Can’t miss it this time. So here is a quick take (in 3 parts) on stuff which I have noticed over the last few months. Some “Inspired” and some which is distinctly average. 

Hail Hilton, Whither Marriott : Over the last 2 years, I have stayed in a Hilton property in 6 different locations. I like the Hilton experience. Continue reading