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P&G : Getting Men ?

The action in male personal care market keeps hotting up. Dove’s  Men range : Men+care , launched 2 months back in US , Europe and Australasia. Vaseline (from Unilever) launched a Men’s range in India in March. Now P&G’s OLAY has launched Olay Men solutions in China, riding on its mega brand status in the country.

While DOVE  and VASELINE are  attempting to stretch a specific equity – Care and moisturization- across genders, OLAY is  riding on a broad equity- skin care expertise, which it can claim via its dominance of the female skin care market in China. All packs in the OLAY Men solutions range feature “Refreshing energy” as a common line, which is clearly a new thought as it hasn’t been used before in brand communication or packaging.

However the brand which should have been first off the blocks in this segment- Gillette- is still struggling to be a serious player in men’s face care. It is frankly stunning that they still don’t have a Globally consistent face care range . The UK site has pre-shave wash & scrub  and post-shave moisturizer but  I couldn’t find anything on the Gillette US website. They test marketed Gillette COMPLETE skin care range in US in 2005, and it didn’t work. Instead we saw the launch of a hair care range in 2008 which is already de-listed in UK.  Gillette’s equity is in men’s skin care not hair care. What are they thinking ?

Clearly, P&G is still trying to “get” Men !


Brand Growth : Insightful Communication OR Rapidfire Innovation ?

Innovation is the corporate buzz word of the decade, and the talk  cuts across all product categories/industries. Within packaged consumer goods the rate of NPD has never been higher, but the success rate of new products is still very low (less than 10% according to a WARC paper based on UK market data). Continue reading

Japanese women are beautiful.


It is not often that a local brand achieves market leadership within a year in a developed market competing with the likes of P&G and Unilever. Tsubaki shampoo from Shiseido launched in mid-2006 is now the top selling shampoo in Japan, leaving behind titanic brands from P&G and Unilever. What is behind the success? A magical product? Ultra low pricing ? Continue reading