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HYUNDAI: Good cars, Bad Ads

Hyundai cars have  amongst the highest quality ratings in US as per JD POWERS, improving from 13th position in 2008 to 4th in 2009. Hyundai was the ADAGE 2009 marketer of the year in US this year for its innovative “Lose your job, Return the car” campaign. Hyundai might also be the hands down winner of the lamest new brand campaign, which just broke in Asia. It is titled “Our unique way of making better cars: It is inside you”. Go figure. Continue reading


mini3: Renault -Brilliant film, Average marketing?

Renault’s latest ad – auto ballet of destruction-is a brilliant piece of film-making. It is already becoming a viral video with 180,000 views in 2 weeks on YOU TUBE. Question is : Is it good communication i.e will it drive sales?

Renault has much to flaunt when it comes to safety. More Renault models have been awarded the maximum Five-Star safety rating for impact protection by Euro NCAP than any other carmaker, including Mercedes and Volvo. That is impressive. Well done, R&D boys.

The ad does a great job of communicating a serious message like safety with flair and style. It stands out within the category. It is clutter breaking. Full marks to the creative team. I hope they are not spending too much money on media as this film should generate some free PR.

So, lots of positives. The question I have is about the communication strategy i.e a focus on safety. Presumably, they have solid data to suggest that ,

1.”Safety” is (still) one of the top attributes affecting  car purchase decision.

2. Significant number of target consumers don’t consider buying Renault because their perception of Renault’s safety is lower than other brands, which is factually not correct.

I thought “safety” was a hygiene factor and no longer a differentiator. Having said that, assuming all other attributes ( styling, reliability, drive quality, pricing, mileage etc)  being equal the advertisement does drive Renault into the consideration set, with its brilliantly executed safety message. But when did all other attributes really become parity??

I am fully entertained, I am impressed, but not completely convinced.