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Hotel search made simple

I wonder how much time people in the hotel industry spend on designing the physical properties.

Little bit of time on the front of the virtual property might not be missed.

Why don’t  we have a homepage like this yet from any of the major Hotel brands?

Infact the aggregator sites (, Hotzebra etc)  do much better and Holiday Inn is not bad either.


Chinese Men and Nappy changing

Seen at the new Honqchiao airport at Shanghai.

Sign of changing times ?? Don’t know about that, but full points for progressive thinking and execution.

I don’t remember seeing a sign and facilities for nappy changing in the men’s room in any other airport in the world, I have visited. Attention to detail is remarkable. The symbol showing the person changing the nappy is also a male, while the corresponding one above the women’s toilet  was a female figure. Clearly they didn’t scrimp on money for the signage.

Bravo !

Amazon learns from Apple ?

After selling just the Kindle reader for 2 years, Amazon first launched the “Kindle for iphone” app and now “Kindle for PC” . It was high time. Not everyone into reading is happy to spend USD250 for the Kindle reader or has a iphone. Despite being a voracious reader I have been dawdling a bit about buying a Kindle. With “Kindle for PC”,  you get a reading experience half-way between the book like experience of Kindle  reader and the current reading experience on a computer screen. So 50% improvement at zero cost. Continue reading

WESTIN does it again : Puts us to sleep

 Westin has taken the high ground again in helping travellers get a good night’s sleep. They were the first to focus on this key need of frequent travellers via their hugely successful Heavenly bed campaign. They extended the “Heavenly” brand successfully via “Heavenly shower” and “Heavenly crib”. Now they have tied up with Philips to create a concept room in their Chicago property which uses special lighting technology ( blue-light ActiViva lamps)  to help travellers manage/reduce jet lag. Continue reading

Buy Dell shares.


You can’t keep a good man down for very long. First SONY and now DELL is on a comeback trail. I can feel it and see it. The focus on basics – good product design, excellent customer service and relevant innovation – is showing. Read here about how they are listening to the consumer, turning complaints/problems into a positive opportunity for the brand and harnessing the “wisdom of the crowds” to develop new products or improve existing ones.  Continue reading

Customer Service, Chinese style.

china-passport-control.jpgAnother flight, another blog. I have been wanting to post this one for sometime now. Immigration officers world over are known for their surly attitude. Russia and India will perhaps vie for top honors here. With the Olympics approaching China is polishing up its act. The immigration counters at Beijing airport have an instant customer feedback mechanism in place, since at least April.

As you Continue reading