The blog of a inveterate, 24/7, passionate marketeer. Global Nomad – worked and lived in India , Russia, Hong Kong, China, UK, and Sri Lanka .  After 15 years of client side marketing roles, the desire to stay at the cusp of strategy and creativity  made me cross over to the agency side. I headed strategic planning for DDB in China for 18 months.

Since Oct’2010 I have gone independent as a “problem solver” helping brand owners and agencies achieve SHARPER, FASTER, TOGETHER. LINKED IN profile.

This is an exhilarating time to be a Marketeer. Lazy marketing i.e TV advertising days are over (almost). Informed and empowered consumers, media fragmentation (as well as convergence), retailer power, societal trends (espl health & well being , social networking) and flattening of the technology life cycle have brought the big brands down from their pedestal. For years the brands talked, now the consumer is talking. There are no IMMUTABLE laws any longer.

I aim to discuss, debate, provoke and provide ideas, thoughts and strategies for Inspired Marketing.

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  1. Mr. Guru,
    Haven’t read your new insights for a while, when will your next article be posted?

    Your blog visitor

  2. Hi Asit
    Whats up buddy?
    Thx yr message on my blog
    Lets Hook up
    samir kumar

  3. Entertaining and insightful

  4. sirji,

    itna sannata kyun hai yahan?


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