Desperate STARBUCKS !

Instead of enhancing the core in-store coffee experience STARBUCKS is dissipating its energy ( and brand equity) trying to max out sales per square foot by pimping overpriced Instant brew coffee (in-store as well as in that purveyor of fine goods-Walmart)  and Tea. Beginning of another round of poor results, if not the end. They should have learnt from Nespresso on how to boost consumption as well as premiumise the brand. Mr Schultz, what happened to authentic quality??


2 responses to “Desperate STARBUCKS !

  1. By the way, did anyone notice that Starbucks changed their logo on their paper cups to a new one a while ago (the one without the ‘Starbucks Coffee’ characters on the rim of their logo) because ‘Starbucks is not only about coffee but many more exciting things’, alleged the Starbucks staff – but then they quickly changed it back to the original Starbucks logo these two weeks. A sign of indecisiveness on its positioning?

  2. The only activity they did here in Taiwan is “buy one get one free” once a while with long queue. Is that creative enough? I do have question.

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