Toshiba: The Cacophony of Consensus

Asian companies often pride themselves on a non-confrontational, consensus building management style. Here is proof that consensus can create cacophony for consumers (and not much for the bottomline). Toshiba makes fine laptops. However their communication singularly and consistently  fails to land a  big singular point.

The example shown above (with my comments against the white background) is just one of the many from their hall of fame, which keep gracing global weeklies. Fine footprints of at least five departments (marked in blue text) can be seen on this work of art.

I can almost hear the “eager to get promoted” marketing manager ask the boss: “Sato San, What would you like to add to this ad ?”.


3 responses to “Toshiba: The Cacophony of Consensus

  1. Ha ha ha, for most people working under above market structure probably will smile of this ad.
    Its funny but we are sometimes doing the same execution 🙂

  2. Haha, can not help laughing! Client side and agency side, you know the people well. 🙂

  3. One question that came to my mind after seeing this PC ad from Toshiba is, how many more years will Mac take to marginalize Windows/PC and lead the computer market? Not more than 10 years perhaps. Take a look at Mac’s penetration in high schools and universities (or Starbucks!), it’s not difficult to draw the conclusion that ‘the future is in Mac’s hands’.

    PC / Windows, what are you going to do now?

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