HYUNDAI: Good cars, Bad Ads

Hyundai cars have  amongst the highest quality ratings in US as per JD POWERS, improving from 13th position in 2008 to 4th in 2009. Hyundai was the ADAGE 2009 marketer of the year in US this year for its innovative “Lose your job, Return the car” campaign. Hyundai might also be the hands down winner of the lamest new brand campaign, which just broke in Asia. It is titled “Our unique way of making better cars: It is inside you”. Go figure.

From what one can decipher from the print ad copy, the intent is to highlight that Hyundai listens to consumers’ wishes and observes the actual product in use so well, that it helps them make better cars. Nothing wrong with the Idea. However the execution is  muddled and weak. The issues:

a) Clunky Headline: Too complex and doesn’t grab attention.

b) No Substance behind the spin: Showing technicians in lab coats examining a car in detail doesn’t tell me anything real and factual about Hyundai’s superior consumer connection. A consumer hotline asking for consumer suggestions and a website with consumer testimonials and examples of  some recent product improvements which have come about due to this better listening or observing would have helped in landing the point. In the absence of proof it is just marketing spin without any substance.

c) 80s style Integration : The print ad uses the same key visual  as TV i.e  technicians floating. But while the TVC showed them watching people smiling inside the cars, the car in the print ad has no people inside. So what are they listening to or watching inside the car – the purring engine and leather seats?

Disappointing. Clearly the unique way of making good ads is not inside them.

3 responses to “HYUNDAI: Good cars, Bad Ads

  1. Welcome back to regular posting!

    I sort of liked their “Hyundai, like Sunday” pronounciation campaign…But then again I am only exposed to the NFL gamebrake ads..

    • Karlos, Thanks for your comment. The campaign I have referred to is the Asia campaign ( I saw it on CNN ASIA). I have not been able to find the TV ad on the web. I doubt they will run it in US. I agree with you that their US communication is pretty good.

      Read my Blog :

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