Through the belt thinking

casio belt

Great communication happens when content/creative and context/media work together . Here is an opportunity for the luggage industry to create such magic.

1. Who buys most luggage ? Frequent travellers.

2. When are frequent (air) travellers most engaged with their luggage? Essentially five key moments: At the time of packing, At the time of check in , while putting or taking out cabin baggage from overhead compartment, when waiting at the baggage belt to collect checked in luggage, when wheeling their luggage on a trolley on the way out of the airport

Of the 5 moments of influence above, the baggage belt is the most promising as people are idle and looking at the belt and other people’s luggage. In the case of the other four either the engagement time is short (e.g. overhead compartment ) or your attention is elsewhere ( e.g. when wheeling the baggage trolley) or there is limited communication opportunity (e.g. when packing at home).

 3. What can we do potentially with the baggage belt? It is the perfect place to talk about luggage. The messaging possibilities are immense. Other categories ranging from casinos, cars to computers already use it. See some examples here (Note : Link  includes store check-out belt ads also).

– If we are really thinking big then one can  own  the baggage belt and signage around it just like HSBC does with the aerobridges to bring alive the idea of ” the worlds local bank” . This will require a long-term commitment to get a good media deal. Samsonite as a leader brand would be an ideal candidate for this.

– If long-term committment is going to be challenging, let us use it  to support new launches or to re-inforce certain key benfits of existing products.  A message for a durable, hard wearing product range or brand (e.g RIMOWA, TUMI) will be specially apt . The baggage belt is like a fashion ramp for luggage. One can intersperse the entire range of a new premium and stylish baggage line amongst genuine passenger baggage with clever messages to drive awareness and interest ( and also BUZZ  which will in turn create free media coverage ). How about actually conducting a fashion show on the baggage belt. Some cash starved airport authority might be game for it. Here is the Berlin airport authority’s pitch for the conveyor belt as an ad media

– Signage  over/near the belt of course is the simplest and a no-brainer . I have seen Samsonite use it sporadically, though they are putting the ad visual on the signage which is a pity. Alibaba (the B2B e-commerce site) has used the signage near the belt quite cleverly at HK airport. Their message says  “Tired of lugging around all the samples. Give Alibaba a try”.

 Will wait to see which of the luggage brands wake up to this “through the belt” opportunity. It is perhaps a better use of money than opening luggage shops at airport, where you are competing for attention with so many other categories and shops for the traveller’s atention.


5 responses to “Through the belt thinking

  1. Great idea of course, but somehow a Russian Roulette like luggage belt does not inspire confidence. Instead it signals that your bag will come if and only if it is your lucky day! 😉

    The subliminal signalling is as important as the obvious, above-the-line activity. Isn’t that what all marketing is about?

    On that note, I remember that on a recent flight, when I handed my bag to a check-in agent named Miss Loosemore (sic), I had little hope of seeing those bags again. 😉

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  3. This sounds remarkably familiar. I’m sure this is from Jacob Dutton’s blog.

    • Thanks Dave. It is not from Jason’s blog. Infact Jason’s post is taken from my blog. He mentions that in the beginning “here is a great example from the inspired thinking blog”…..Just above your comment there is a pingback also from his blog. If you see the date of posting it will be clear…My post was on My 30, His Aug 8th. Hope this clarifies.

      Read my Blog :

  4. Pls refer to the comment above yours. It is a pingback from Jason’s blog i.e he has referred to my blog and not vice-versa.

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