Panasonic VIERA : Leadership communication??


Panasonic VIERA has recently launched its 2009 range with neoPDP technology. I saw the print ads in Malaysia this week. Suitably intrigued by the bold headline “No Viera no life” I decided to learn more .

The main support for the proposition “No Viera no life” on the print ads, in-store (shown above) and website is a feature called SD link, which allows us to play images and video straight from an SD card by just putting it in a special slot on the side of the TV.

My comments,
1. A bold proposition aiming to reinforce leadership, but a weak support. SD link which allows people to share and see photos and videos easily on big screen is a clever feature but frankly laddering that upto ‘No Viera no life” is a big leap. Also while “No Viera no life” is bold and provocative it is also potentially off-putting due to its negative construct.
2. On the European VIERA site, the overall message seems to be “Redefining Plasma TV”, which is quite generic and is not really consumer relevant. Consumers dont buy a bundle of features they buy benefits. However the site does a good job of outlining the details of the support i.e all the features and benefits of neo PDP technology. It leads with superior picture quality (sharper motion clarity and natural colors), which is the right thing to do as it is the core attribute in the category. The SD link feature is one of the last ones to be mentioned and is bundled under “Easy connectivity”. Net, a weak  proposition but robust support.
3. There is (or was) clear potential for crafting much stronger communication here, befitting a leader brand. The Malaysian team was onto something when they thought of highlighting the role of TV in our lives. The website copy mentions – ” Life would be lifeless without TV. Because TV is the entertainment hub which brings the family together”. This is a good Insight.

Something on the lines of ” New Viera. Connect with Life” supported by the three key benefits of rich colors, motion clarity and easy photo sharing re-expressed more emotively as
(a) See the rich colors of LIFE, (b) Experience true to LIFE motion, and (c) Share your LIFE moments -could have been more interesting.  At the very least, even if we stick to the provocative headline “No Viera no life”  the support can be better expressed as above to provide stronger linkage and credibility.

Read here previous blogposts on this catgeory which talked of the SONY BRAVIA launch, its brilliant campaign (Color. Like no other) and the need for Panasonic and Sharp to improve branding and communication.


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