Korea needs a positioning.

Cheil has been re-appointed as the agency for Korea Tourism. I hope they do a better job than the current campaign – Korea, Sparkling.

If ever there was a big , economically successful and visible country ( via its brands) which needed a clear positioning in the minds of the world’s tourists, it is Korea. Korea doesn’t need a generic campaign like SPARKLING KOREA (you can see the clever marketing logic yourself as interestingly the communication strategy and thinking has been put out for public consumption). It needs a unique point of difference which can give people a reason to add it to their list of destinations. It doesn’t help that the capital city, Seoul has its own campaign: “Seoul- the soul of Asia” , which is a clever play on words but lacks credibility and pull factor especially for people who haven’t been there before. It might reinforce what past visitors have experienced.

The marketing challenge as I see it, is not “repeat and loyalty” but “trial”.

C’mon Korea. Give me a reason to believe ..visit ( beyond the cheap won). We know you can do better.


2 responses to “Korea needs a positioning.

  1. Well said! Korea definitely needs a much clearer positioning than just being the ‘sparking’ ‘soul’ of Asia! As a traveller I feel that Korea is like a copycat (a VFM version too) of Japan, e.g., the Korean TV series, ski resorts, well, or even plastic surgery. With the recession kicking in, there are consumers who would take out leisure traveling completely, and there is another group would look for authenticity/value in their holidays, and I doubt if the latter group of consumers would choose Korea over Japan as a holiday destination.

  2. super super strong mouse

    agree…Japan is more on ‘technology & innovation’; mabye Korea can go for the direction on ‘fashion’ :)))
    – korean fashion already had strong property in AP (check out the millions of ‘korean style’ claimed fashion store in china…)
    – Korea’s fashion style is unique & differentiated from Japan, (personal feeling its more on ‘romantic, neat’ kind of feeling …)
    – besides, the other ‘top of mind’ things in Korea all well connected with ‘fashion’, such as TV seriers, plastic surgery…those assets are waiting to be synergized & utilized 🙂

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