WESTIN does it again : Puts us to sleep

 Westin has taken the high ground again in helping travellers get a good night’s sleep. They were the first to focus on this key need of frequent travellers via their hugely successful Heavenly bed campaign. They extended the “Heavenly” brand successfully via “Heavenly shower” and “Heavenly crib”. Now they have tied up with Philips to create a concept room in their Chicago property which uses special lighting technology ( blue-light ActiViva lamps)  to help travellers manage/reduce jet lag.


This is a trial, but even if it is not rolled out nationwide in US or globally, the intent shown and the news/PR generated by this initiative cements Westin’s position as a Hotel chain which is in sync with what travellers really need. Well done !


This is what good marketing should be : Laser like focus on a relevant need; First mover advantage and keep building on that via new, relevant and  well branded initiatives. 


Side mention also should be made of the Westin Workout offer: Specially appointed “Westin Workout Rooms” in select Westin properties that can be reserved for an additional $60 a night. They come equipped with either a high-end treadmill or exercise bicycle, along with a shelf containing a stability ball, medicine ball, weights, resistance tubing and a yoga mat. There are also fitness books on yoga, pilates and running, and pilates and yoga DVDs. They have recently added ( since May’2008) Nintendo’s WII FIT workout to the stuff available in these exercise rooms.

I like the way the WESTIN team thinks, brands (and leverages co-branding)  and executes. Keep it up.

Read more here  on:   Westin’s InnovationsThe Jet lag concept room and the tie up with Nintendo/WII


One response to “WESTIN does it again : Puts us to sleep

  1. I love the Westin Workout offer! In fact I was VERY IMPRESSED by the level of personal attention that Westin is giving to their customers, e.g., Westin Workout offer and in-room check in.

    If any of the Westin marketing people is online reading this, the next innovation in the pipeline should probably be the “Heavenly Robot” who can give you a massage when you are tired, or lend a pair of listening ears to you when you want to tell him how unfair the world is (at 3am), or even transform into a punchbag so that you can ventilate your frustration…

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