Insights on “guru”-ism

An excellent reminder on the dangers of starting to “live in your head”. Read here : Stay hungry, Stay foolish. Nice post with an interesting video from the TED conference.

The author, David Armano says,

“I believe in “The Curse of Knowledge”.  And I believe that when you know too much—it takes away from your creativity and your ability to see things from different perspectives.  I’ve been thinking about this quite it bit.  I’ve been having mixed feelings regarding the specialized degrees that are being marketed to us, promising to turn us into design thinkers, creative strategists etc.  Steve Jobs, the original design thinker was a college drop out.  What does this tell us?

I’m happy to see the business world take creative problem solving seriously and I’m certainly not against higher education or any of the new programs.  But I’m also wary of what happens when we perceive ourselves as experts who have been trained in the black art of [insert profession here]………So, you can call me whatever you like—but for my own sanity check, I’m going to stay hungry and foolish.  Sir Ken Robinson put it best—we sometimes “live in our heads”.  That’s what the curse of knowledge can do to us.  If you have 20 minutes to spare, I’d stop what you are doing and watch his video.  Good for the head, soul and absolutely 100% foolish”

Food for thought!


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