SONY: Getting the Mojo back?

I wrote earlier about SONY losing ground in key categories. There are some signs that the company is starting to get some traction in regaining its technology edge.

They recently announced the launch of OLED TVs which have  a much higher contrast ratio than LCDs and Plasma ( read sharper pictures and richer colors). They also use less power and are slimmer (3mm, wow) . The “O” by the way stands for Organic. TV with green credentials..hmmm. Thinner, Brighter, Greener. 

It is also putting more focus and energy behind its BRAVIA range of LCD and plasma TVs with new product launches . The  award winning communication campaign for BRAVIA TVs which brilliantly brings alive the “Color like no other” proposition has a new TV/film execution and there is an excellent website to boot.

The stuff outside the “box” ie styling and aesthetics is also getting a lot of attention to ensure the products appeal to the consumer from inside as well as outside. I have already posted about the SONY VAIO colored laptop ranges. The print ads of VAIO are infact using aesthetics as the lead in the headline with features and technology as support in body copy. Color has also been introduced in the TV range via 5 colored frames  for Sony BRAVIA plasma/LCD TV range, which will  “change the look of your BRAVIA to suit your unqiue living space” and 9 color options for 20″ TVs .

Within the gaming business, Sony is trying to preserve its Playstation franchise via tactical pricing moves. A price cut has been announced recently on its new console PS3 in Japan and is soon expected in US & Europe.

Long way to go yet, but good to see the fight back . 


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