Louis Vuitton – Color, Agassi, Gorbachev.

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I have never quite liked Louis Vuitton bags ( thankfully my wife agrees) because of their staid designing.  I am sure the craftsmanship is outstanding but I never got close enough to admire it as the look was not appealing enough.  I am referring to the classic brown monogram canvas with beige trimmings which is still the most dominant style ( and perhaps the most counterfeited design in the world) in their range. Thus it was good to see a dash of red being introduced in their new handbag (shown above).  This design adds a bit of flair to the classic backdrop provided by the monogram canvas.  This is a far better way of introducing some vibrancy to a “classic” brand than the monogram Denime and multicolore range  which somehow never cued “luxury” and “quality” to me, accessible they might have been. louis_vuitton_mini_pleaty.jpg

Also interesting is their new brand campaign featuring the Agassi  family ( Andre & Steffi ) and Gorbachev.  Prima facie it looks like an attempt to balance the brand’s fashion credentials with stature. Words like timeless, stature, gravitas, lifestyle, under-stated style come to my mind. All good associations to have. The LVMH official statement says “the purpose of this campaign is to restate our 150-year heritage as pioneer of the art of travel”.


I think it is a good move to reinforce the brand’s strong pedigree and heritage lest it loses its cachet due to over exposure and flippant assocations (like Burberry in late 90s).  However while reinforcing heritage they have not lost sight of  “fashion/style” as shown by the almost simultaneous launch of a new campaign fronted by Scarlett Johansson (one of the executions with the red trim bag is shown above). This continues with the tradition of using glamour icons like Uma Thruman( 2005) and Gisele (2006).


Interestingly, I saw the Gorbachev and Scarlett Johansson ad in the same magazine. The former on the inside cover and the latter somewhere inside. Good stuff !


4 responses to “Louis Vuitton – Color, Agassi, Gorbachev.

  1. First of all, I really like the Scarlet Johnson version of the ads!!! She’s always been a figure of taste, mystery and independence in many movies. (Just watched her “match point” which is really great.) And her version of LV ads features the color “red” and “pink” and the theme is love which altogether is a really good combination!

    Second, I think Gorbachev is a good choice if they want to crack Russian and middle east market. His image together with the limousine delivers the message of being “premium” and “heritage”very well..

    And I’ve also seen the Catherine Deneuve version in some HK magazines which I think is very good indeed. She is the symbol of heritage and the ad portraits that symbol very well..

  2. My opinion, the LV family is catching up the trend on philanthropy which is emerging in many other MNCs, by using the renowned people in respective fields to get attention from people from different cultures and races. This campagin helps to reinforce the core values and the good corporate citizen corporate brand image of LV.

    Clippings from LVMH.com…

    Actively committed to promoting environmental responsibility and sustainable development, Louis Vuitton shares the convictions of the exceptional people in the campaign. It will make donations to The Climate Project, spearheaded by Al Gore, on behalf of Catherine Deneuve, André Agassi and Steffi Graf. For Mikhail Gorbachev, the donation will be made to Green Cross International, of which he is the founder and Chairman.

    Unique emotions and travels that Louis Vuitton invites you to experience yourself…

    Read this from LVMH

    During the past few years, philanthropy has become more mainstream in terms of press coverage, owing to the high-profile of rock star Bono and his campaign to alleviate Third World debt to developed nations; the enormity of the Gates Foundation’s resources and ambitions, such as eradicating malaria and river blindness; and billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway Chair Warren Buffett’s donation in 2006 of $30 billion to the Gates Foundation. At the same time, young, rich, socially conscious entrepreneurs such as eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are trying to change philanthropy through unique networks and new forms of giving. Google’s efforts are largely considered “for-profit,” meaning it will not be constrained in how it spends by the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Service code (though the Google Foundation, considered under the umbrella of Google.org, is in fact non-profit). The feeling is also that it will not restrict itself to conventional giving or old-line foundations when it comes to social investments. The concept of measurable life change, with direct investments and follow-up to track results, is gaining more recognition through the above big names, but also through smaller organizations.

    It is really good to see profitable Fortune 500 companies making an effort to denote something back to the people in need in the society.

  3. May be the classic brown style wasn’t that great but its a great pleasure having this kind of bag. Most celebrities and women are addicted on Louis Viutton

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