Fortune at the top of the (age) pyramid.

For over  5 years now, there has been lots of talk in the marketing press about  the “mature” or “grey” segment and how it is an under exploited opportunity given the spending power within that age group. Here are 2 good articles on mature marketing .

The first looks at what is wrong with the current approach to “mature/grey”marketing and what should be the focus. The second one focuses on the mature women segment.

 The author of the first article Dick Stroud has a consultancy and blog dedicated to 50plus marketing, called 20plus30.

While on the subject, it is also relevant to read about the net impact on global wealth due to the aging demographics in the developed world. This Mckinsey study forecasts a $31 trillion reduction in global wealth over the next two decades assuming current demographic trends, current savings rate and current rate of return on financial assets. The wealth increase in China and India will not be able to compensate for this decline. 

Interesting !!.


One response to “Fortune at the top of the (age) pyramid.

  1. Whilst majority of the companies are focusing on youth-centered marketing, ignoring a baby-boomer group (aged 42 to 60 now) that accounts for 40% of consumer spending and 80% of personal wealth does not seem to make a lot of sense.

    Isn’t it natural for anyone to be impressed by the growth of anti-aging industry across developed countries, the volume and profit potential of functional /wellbeing foods and “high-tech” (and high-price too) cosmetics?

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