mini3: Renault -Brilliant film, Average marketing?

Renault’s latest ad – auto ballet of destruction-is a brilliant piece of film-making. It is already becoming a viral video with 180,000 views in 2 weeks on YOU TUBE. Question is : Is it good communication i.e will it drive sales?

Renault has much to flaunt when it comes to safety. More Renault models have been awarded the maximum Five-Star safety rating for impact protection by Euro NCAP than any other carmaker, including Mercedes and Volvo. That is impressive. Well done, R&D boys.

The ad does a great job of communicating a serious message like safety with flair and style. It stands out within the category. It is clutter breaking. Full marks to the creative team. I hope they are not spending too much money on media as this film should generate some free PR.

So, lots of positives. The question I have is about the communication strategy i.e a focus on safety. Presumably, they have solid data to suggest that ,

1.”Safety” is (still) one of the top attributes affecting  car purchase decision.

2. Significant number of target consumers don’t consider buying Renault because their perception of Renault’s safety is lower than other brands, which is factually not correct.

I thought “safety” was a hygiene factor and no longer a differentiator. Having said that, assuming all other attributes ( styling, reliability, drive quality, pricing, mileage etc)  being equal the advertisement does drive Renault into the consideration set, with its brilliantly executed safety message. But when did all other attributes really become parity??

I am fully entertained, I am impressed, but not completely convinced.


2 responses to “mini3: Renault -Brilliant film, Average marketing?

  1. Ha! I think it’s a rather interesting TV commercial which portrait all the cars as “warriors” in a war and fight and then in the end were marching with “scars” and glory!!

    Indeed the TV commerical has delivered the safety message loud and clear. However, safety has been a generic driver for all segments while styling, driving sensation, horsepower, gas-consumption..has been the key drivers.

    Well I’m not saying the Renault TV commercial is wrong, but I’d combine the TV commercial with some other media which deliver other messages if I were to do the marketing of Renault. As for the safty factor itself, yes, data would be quite convicing, so I’d refer to the authoritative J.D.Power rankings in safety indext and release the relevant information via print media so that my consumers could link the safety image and the concrete data/ranking altogether and would further be convinced.

    And a bit more about China auto market. I used to work for the marketing communication/PR for Lexus and had the chance to talk to the advertising agency of Lexus on a regular basis. Here in China, all luxury brands including Benz, BMW, Audi, Cadillac..etc all tried to deliver one key message “high class” as most Chinese consumers who can afford luxury cars all seek to show their “status” and “class”. Therefore, all the luxury car brands TV commericials(now even include those mid-class brands) all look very premium and being “high class” and “premium” has outweighs all the other factors. That’s why most car brands like to sponsor golf events (which is considered premium) here in China. All of course they all try to “sell” their models to government offcials who are definitely high class too.

    This does not mean the other factors are not important. The other factors such as styling, horsepower, safety, after-sales service…are being delivered mostly through PR/Marcom. Test-drives, advertorials…etc.

    The bad thing is nothing is really unique in China auto market. Once one brand started something, other brands follow. We’ll have to wait for the market to mature gradually to see some genuin interesting marketing strategy.

  2. Hmm, I think so. Don’t know so much about the auto market though, the post with some of my shallow sense tells that the differentiation is a bit weak.
    Thinking ‘Safety’ (or even reliability) is usually not that vital enough to be a differentiator, would have become hygiene factor sooner or later. Or in any case not hygiene factor yet, still a unique set of association needed to strengthen a sustainable differentiation, beyond one single outstanding Safety ONLY – Too many safe cars, what’s your Unique?

    Just checked its site, seems the eye-catching benefits are safety and after-sales service, again, doubting the focused communication are hygiene factors only, which now strengthens my judgement that it should develop some active attributes… i.e styling or innovation included in the total benefit set and drive overall proposition above these hygiene factors.

    But the video is indeed an eye feast 🙂

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