Cult brand , Good design, Add 40% price premium.

sansaxpressonangle.jpgI bought an MP3 player on Sunday.  Its from SANDISK . It has the same capacity as IPOD shuffle ( 1GB) , costs 40% less, has a built in voice recorder and also has a LED display to show the song title .  Should Apple be worrying about the Shuffle ?

The SANDISK Sansa express has many functional advantages over the shuffle , most notably the voice recorder ( which was the key reason I bought it) and the OLED display screen . Additionally one can expand the memory , use it as a USB drive to store data and in the US model there is a digital FM tuner also . Now thats a long list of additional features. Should Apple we worried about the Shuffle ? I dont think so.

1. Sandisk sansa is not as pretty as Shuffle ( the new one with the clip)

2. Sandisk as a brand is no where compared to Apple , in the MP3 player category.

3. The additional features are not very relevant to consumers who buy the  mini size MP3 players  ( mainly for gym, running etc) .

Here is an idea for SANDISK – Can they be the no. 1 in the smaller category of voice recorder or can they grow the category (by being the smallest /most convenient voice recorder) . With more and more people looking for self expression via the web through podcasts and blogs , a portable high quality voice recorder marketed well might have potential . Alternatively , can this be positioned as a value-added USB drive ? There are lots of such USB+ drives  in the market but nobody has created mass awareness /buzz . Sandisk has the deep pockets to do it . Why take on Apple in a category when you cant beat them on design and branding . Instead create a new category and  be the first mover . 


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